About Steven

I'm Steven Aquilino, the owner of SJA Studios.  I am a wedding photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona.  I know inviting a photographer into your life on your special day is a very personal choice.  Naturally, you want someone that you are comfortable with. So, here are a few things you should know about me. I am… ​

a Family Man....  I am a proud husband to a wife that says she adores me, and father to one crazy dog, Cassie, and two formerly feral cats, Chopper and Jasmine. They all make my life whole, happy, and blessed! I am very close to my Mom, who raised me and my three siblings as a single mother – not an easy task back in that day, and I have a profound love and respect for her, even though our Italian & German temperaments make for some lively discussions! ​

an Animal Lover and Advocate....  I am a sucker for a cute animal video or two, or five, or fifty… Show me an animal video and I melt! I throw my wholehearted support behind animal welfare organizations like Best Friends Animal Society, and I am actively involved with a wonderful local rescue called 2nd Chance Dog Rescue! ​

a Die-hard Film Buff....  Having been in the motion picture industry for many years, I have a deep love for the cinema…I enjoy everything from complex dramas to…well, “Sharknado” leaps to mind…B movies are definitely a guilty pleasure! I often sneak away for matinee showings with friends, and I love to stay up late watching those B movies – the only time my wife will let me get away with it. ​

a Foodie....  Okay, so maybe I am not technically a foodie…I just love food, especially ethnic foods like Indian curries, Vietnamese Pho, and Spanish Paellas…a perfect night out with my wife would be an amazing meal followed by an amazing dessert…probably ending with a handful of Tums!  ​(LOL!)

So, there you go.  That's my story....  What's yours?

Contact SJA Studios at: 602-330-3253 or sjastudios@gmail.com